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New Lambton Bowling Club officially began its history on 10 July, 1935 when it was granted affiliation by the Newcastle District Bowls Association.  The official opening of the New Lambton Bowling Club clubhouse took place on February 1, 1936 at the Tauranga Rd facility which is opposite Wests.

By the mid 1950s it was evident that the New Lambton Bowling Club had outgrown its facilities and a the club was offered a site in New Lambton Park, by the Newcastle City Council,  where the current facility now stands. Through the generosity of many members with a variety of skills the New Lambton Bowling Club began its second life.  The facility included three seven rink greens and a new clubhouse.

The original Tauranga Road facility, as it was known, then became the home of New Lambton Women's Bowling Club.  

By 1997 the board of New Lambton Bowling Club had finalised arrangements for Wests to become the new owners of the NLBC facilities and an agreement put in place between Wests and the NDBA for the bowling facilities and club to continue.

In 2012 Wests and New Lambton Bowling Club members agreed to replace the exsting facilities with a state of the art bowling facility and new clubhouse/ conference centre. This was completed in 2013 and the current New Lambton Bowling Club facility opened its doors for business on May 6, 2013.  









The Regent Bower Bird © Sean Crane Photography

This bird once lived in the area of Lambton Park . As the area was cleared so the Regent Bird disappeared.  The area where our club stands was known as the home of the Regent Bird because it made its bowers in the scrub and surrounding trees.

It was determined that our club should continue as the home of the Regent Bird, and so it became our emblem.

Though no longer resident in our area the Regent Bower Bird still exists in northern NSW and Queensland and this photo was taken in Lamington National Park.


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